Can you ask your staff to communicate in ‘English only’ in the workplace? An Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling (Kelly v Convance Laboratories Ltd 2015) has confirmed that provided your reasons are justified, to require your employees to communicate in English in the workplace is not discriminatory.  In this case, the employer was concerned about what […]

We have been waiting with baited breath for over twelve months for the government to introduce the new Fit for Work service (previously called the Health and Work Service), and it now looks as if 2015 will be the year that this service is rolled out to all employers. Dealing with long term sickness absence […]

Calculating Holiday Pay

February 20, 2015

Recent case law, Lock v British Gas Trading (2014) and Bear Scotland Ltd v Fulton (and others)  and Hertel (UK)Ltd v Woods (and others) (2014)held that enhanced payments such as Commission (Lock v British Gas Trading  and non-guaranteed overtime payments (Bear Scotland and Hertel) should be taken into account when calculating holiday pay for employees. […]

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Shared Parental Leave – Family Friendly but sleepless nights for employers?

February 5, 2015

As an employer you will have no doubt heard that the introduction of the new provisions of the Children and Families Act 2014 for shared parental leave will come into effect from April this year, and will apply to the parents where the expected week of confinement begins on or after 5th April 2015 (or […]

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2014 Employment Law Changes Round Up

December 11, 2014

FLEXIBLE WORKING FOR ALL The right for all employees with 26 weeks service or more to request flexible working came onto the statute books on 30th June this year. This right was extended from only being available to staff with caring responsibilities has seen quite an increase in requests being received by employers. The good […]

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Flexible Working for All?

June 17, 2014

From 30th June 2014, the right to request flexible working will be extended to all employees with 26 weeks’ service, rather than being limited to parents of children aged under seventeen or if disabled, under eighteen or to employees classed as “carers” for vulnerable adults. The good news is that employers will no longer need […]

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Employment Law Briefing – New date to be announced soon!

May 31, 2014

Employment Law Briefing – Friday 20th September 2013

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Sex Discrimination in the Workplace – that old Chestnut?

August 8, 2013

It is getting on for 40 years since the Sex Discrimination Act entered the statute books in 1975 yet we hear today, that a survey carried out by legal firm , Slater and Gordon, has found that over 25% of expectant and working mums feel discriminated against in the workplace. How can that be in […]

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Blurred Boundaries

June 3, 2013

Social Media and Work It used to be so much easier Only a few years ago – no more than five – it was very easy to set boundaries for employees.   Work was work and social/personal/domestic activity was not.  Non work activity was easily identified and separated from work activity.  Employers varied in their attitude […]

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“It was only a joke”…

March 6, 2013

 …but  it could cost UK business in excess of £292 billion this year… Workplace Banter – tips to avoid bullying and harassment claims Workplace banter sounds harmless enough, but it is in fact potentially the most serious of matters when it steps over the line, or is indeed perceived to have done so by those […]

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