Employment Law Briefing – New date to be announced soon!

May 31, 2014

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Many small employers find the prospect of employing and managing staff within the complex and frequently changing context of employment legislation a daunting task. With few concessions made to the small employer, the government looks set to continue to develop and adapt employment law in the years to come, adding a real headache for business owners who find it hard to keep pace with the nuances of the law and the potentially devastating implications of getting it wrong.

To help you avoid this headache, we are running regular employment law briefings which will take place on a Friday lunchtime at various venues across Hertfordshire, and will be an opportunity for you to have a bite to eat, mingle with local business owners and keep themselves up to date with what they need to know in the every changing world of employment law.

This interactive morning is offered free of charge.

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BTC Stevenage
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